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Who is augusten burroughs dating

He had just flown back from Colombia and he was cranky. To find out what they think about the world around them at that moment. If my book makes someone look at themselves, or look at their lives, then that's what I want." I had an unofficial phone call from Gay Talese last Tuesday. My agenda is to talk to them and gain a sense of who they are; to flesh them out as humans.At around 615-square-feet, the mid-floor corner condo is minuscule by suburban standards but absolutely on the gigantic side for a Manhattan studio and offers a blank slate of pale oak floors and crisp white walls.The apartment opens to a puny but proper entrance hall and, in addition to the not quite square living/dining/sleeping space, offers up a stylishly unadorned and smartly arranged kitchen barely bigger than a good-sized walk-in closet, a closet-lined dressing corridor, and a compact marble-floored bathroom with an unusually generous window and — the apartment’s one decidedly outré decorative element — shimmering stainless steel tiles on the ceiling.Martin's Press) Augusten Burroughs has never been one to hold back.In his best-selling memoirs "Running with Scissors" (2002) and "Dry" (2003), Burroughs is scrupulously candid about his remarkable life, in which early childhood sexual abuse led to alcoholism and a host of relationship issues — all recounted in what has become the author's trademark mélange of comedy and tragedy. It's a book about your love life — love, sex, the relationship between the two."Reader, I married him" is the most recognizable line in one of the world's most treasured novels.

With a memoirist like Burroughs, even this is a challenge.Now, his cult memoir has been taken up by Hollywood and Augusten Burroughs claims he's happy at last. Twenty years ago, when he was washing up in a steak house in Northampton, Massachusetts, Augusten Burroughs had a vision of his two possible futures. In the first, he was performing a sexual act with a police officer in the back of a patrol car, having agreed a performance-related fee, not to exceed .In the second, he was attending a premiere in Manhattan, on the brink of a brilliant career in the arts.Mister Burroughs’ own website reveals he and his husband, literary agent Christopher Schelling, live in a 200-year-old farmhouse in rural Connecticut that a quick search of property records and other online resources indicate is a Federal style Colonial on almost 8 bucolic acres near Southbury that was acquired by Mister Schelling just this last August (2015) for 5,000.At the age of 12, his mother sent him to live with a deranged, scatalogically obsessed psychiatrist; he was fed drugs, sexually abused and became a vicious alcoholic.

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One of the three over-sized windows in the main space allows for a long, through the buildings view to the south over the tip of lower Manhattan and across Governors Island to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge that links Brooklyn to Staten Island.

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