Updating a recordset dating websites denver colorado

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Updating a recordset

Output_Options Case 1 st Doc Name = "R_Daily_Prospect_Labels" Do Cmd. Open Query "Q_Daily_Prospect_Labels" Case 3 Set db = Current Db pitney = DLookup("Path", "Q_path_Pitney", 1 = 1) pitney = Replace(pitney, "/", "\") pitney = Replace(pitney & "\", "\", "\") pitney = pitney & "pitneybowes.mdb" Do Cmd.

Run SQL "delete * from mailmerge in '" & pitney & "'" sqltext = "INSERT INTO mailmerge (name,address1,address2,city,state,zip) in '" & pitney & "'" & _ " select name,address1,address2,city,state,zip from q_daily_prospect_Pitney" Do Cmd. Open Recordset("select count(name) as icount from mailmerge in '" & pitney & "'") rst. Icount, 0) & " records were inserted into " & pitney rst.

Double-click Insert and Update Records and you are taken to the Data Flow tab.

Drag the Excel Source to the Data Flow window and configure it to access your Excel Source file.

This is the “Emp” table I created in my Running Totals Database.

sub-module provides the base Recordset implementation. This example demonstrates some standard ways to interact with the Recordset.

Click on the buttons below to play around with a Recordset created with state information.

I would like to loop through the records in table "A" and update the records in "B" when the matching criteria is found.

I have tried every possible way I could think of and nothing works.

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I am having trouble updating a table based on information from another table. The first table ("A") has approximately 100 records and three fields from this table need to transfer to table ("B") based on matching criteria.

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