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The competing steamers would often be in close proximity to one another, sometimes even side by side.

One can imagine the captains yelling instructions to their engineers to give them more speed, and the heat generated down below as the stokers were busily shovelling coal into the furnaces.

The name of the town has had various spellings over time.

It was printed in early Acts of Parliament as Grinok, Greenhok, Grinock, Greenhoke, Greinnock, and later as Greinok.

Passengers would be moved around the decks if the master thought it would improve the trim of the vessel.

The companies recording the fastest times to their destinations would use this in their advertising to promote their business and try to gain an advantage over their competitors.

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The origin of the name is unknown, suggested sources have included the Common Brittonic "Graenag", a gravelly or sandy place which accurately describes the foreshore before the docks and piers were constructed, or Gaelic meaning a sunny place, which Grenockians have thought an improbable description.Depending on which Ireland vacation you select, you might enjoy the beautiful Garinish Island in Killarney, stroll through King John's Castle in Limerick, explore a charming rural life in Shannon, or travel by ferry to hear locals speaking Gaelic in the Aran Islands.The Scottish heritage is deeply embedded and preserved.Long straight sections of track were laid along parts of the Caledonian Railway’s Inverclyde Line, including through Cardonald, to enable higher speeds and faster journey times to Gourock and Wemyss Bay.Once the railway companies owned their own steamers, then the races could begin in earnest.

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Scotland is also known for its interesting and often bloody history, and you’ll have an opportunity to visit some of its historical sights.

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