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Cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea are up, and syphilis, which was once near elimination, is...

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So it’s especially disturbing that President Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price have stocked the corridors of health policy with purveyors of conclusively debunked claptrap about contraception, abortion, pregnancy and women’s reproductive health generally.

That’s the conclusion of a new article in the New England Journal of...

But there is a good reason for it: That was the day the Sydney native learned her short story "Le Problem Being" took the top prize in this year's Nelson Algren Literary Awards competition."I was going absolutely nuts, just wild with joy," Simonian, 29, said in a phone interview while traveling in Spain.

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Contraception policy may not be the biggest target of the anti-science right wing — climate change and evolution probably rank higher — but it’s the field in which scientific disinformation has the most immediate consequences for public health.

Proposition 60 on the California ballot would seem to offer a treasure of material for late-night comics.

It’s about requiring condoms to be worn in porno flicks.

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