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On Season 4, Kovalev assisted Mia Michaels on a Contemporary routine, and he and his partner Anya Garnis choreographed a Cha-Cha routine performed by Courtney Galiano and Gev Manoukian.On Season 5, Kovalev and Garnis choreographed a Samba for Evan Kasprzak and Randi Evans.Speaking about Strictly, she told the Daily Telegraph this year: ‘It’s tough on a relationship because it’s so full-on and all-absorbing yet it’s something your real-life partner can’t be a part of.

Kovalev and Garnis both later took part in the So You Think You Can Dance Tour.I'm not going up to every person and asking them, 'How's your private life?' But I guess since you're in the public eye people kind of pay more attention to that."The pair revealed they were dating after months of secrecy back in September and have been pictured out together on several occasions."When asked if he was used to living his life in the public eye and dating a celebrity, Pasha admitted it was rather strange to him.He said: "I guess people want to know [about his private life] for some reason.

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The next year Mr Simone admitted cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with dancer Kristina Rihanoff.