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How to count dating anniversaries

Anyway, the short and long of it is that we celebrate the 15th of every month. These days it’s not a big thing – we just wish each other a happy ‘Miniversary’ – a phrase I coined – then on the 15th September, our ‘Maxiversary’, we usually do something a bit more special. Of course, these days, the Maxiversary has been superseded by our wedding anniversary – 8th March.Fortunately (and perhaps fortuitously) this is also International Women’s Day – another handy way for me to remember this very important day!I mean, by definition, an anniversary is something that occurs once a year, so you can’t very well have two of them, can you? Neither of us had any idea how or if we could make such a set-up work, but we knew there was something special between us, and for that night that’s all we needed. I guess our relationship is still young enough — and not yet complicated by the arrival of kids and whatnot — that we enjoy all that. Now do you see why this is such a serious issue here? May 5th also happens to be my mom’s birthday and I like the idea of having two things to celebrate on this special day. — Editor Amelia] So, as you can see, this can’t not be our anniversary. Actually, I hope we always enjoy that kind of stuff, but I know how life can sometimes get in the way of our best intentions. I guess my point is: life can be hard; celebrate the good stuff. News: IT' S THE 2ND ANNUAL GUATEMALA LIBRARY PROJECT BOOK DRIVE! Check it out in the "Extending the Hand of Kindness" folder or here:

We didn’t really even start dating until much after that.Let say, you and your husband got together on the 9th July 2008 then July 9th 2009 is 1 YEAR being together..I'm buffled as why it's so hard for you to get your head around the numbers :o ...Ladies and gentlemen, I have a very serious, pertinent issue I need for us to discuss. Namely, what sort of anniversaries do you celebrate with your significant other and do you have names for those anniversaries? We don’t stop at just our dating and wedding anniversaries; we celebrate the anniversary of the day he proposed (2/6), the first time we talked on the phone (4/20), and the day I moved to New York to be with him (9/30).DH days it doesn't count anymore because we're married and we go by that one.I don't want a gift or anything for it but it should still count.

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So what would be the proper way to calculate the days as far as having an Anniversary? So for example if you got married on the 9th July @ 3pm, then 10th July @ 3pm would be 1 day....10th July @3pm to 11th July @ 3pm would be day 2 ..there you can work out per month etc...

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