Developing and validating trust measures

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One scale satisfied unidimensionality, reliability, and validity criteria.

Two scales were not unidimensional and failed to discriminate from an underlying trust dimension.

Our 21-item instrument has a reliability of Cronbach's alpha of .86, and we have successfully field-tested it with a range of undergraduate college students.

We discuss implications and possible applications of the instrument, and include it in the appendix.

This first part was item reduction, using PU-QOL data from 227 patients.

The second part was reliability and validity evaluation of the item-reduced version using both Traditional and Rasch methods, on PU-QOL data from 229 patients.

We developed the Patient Measure of Collaborative Goal Setting (PM-CGS) to evaluate the use of collaborative goal setting from the patient's perspective.

Research design and methods A random sample of 400 patients aged 40 years or older, receiving diabetes care from the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System between 8/2012 and 8/2013, were mailed a survey containing potential PM-CGS items (n=44) as well as measures of patient demographics, perceived self-management competence, trust in their physician, and self-management behaviors.

Further, there are no pressure ulcer PRO instruments available.From the viewpoint of attribute the , we investigated the importance that students assigned to the following two characteristics: 1) early implementation of the promises made by the university; 2.behavior of teachers and staff that inspires trust of the students.The methodological part contains the results of a questionnaire survey conducted on a sample of 150 students of University of Zilina.The students were asked to identify the importance of certain attributes of the perfect university.

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Trust in science and scientists can greatly influence consideration of scientific developments and activities.