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Croatia chat cam

Tom Migot is a wedding and portrait photographer who also has a youtube channel where he recently reviewed the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens.

He talked to us about his experience shooting with this lens.

While staying at the camp, discover all the secrets of Lošinj by bike or taking a walk on any of the numerous seaside promenades encircling the entire island.

They talked to us about the project and shared some of their photos from the tour.The stream allowed participants to see and become a part of the love story themselves, all while generating love messages to share with their friends through social networks.More than 75% of the total Croatian population was reached by the campaign!Malena and Klepetan’s story became a trending topic on all relevant media in the country and region, and the topic became commonplace in everyday chit-chat.A place where you most definitely have Canon products is Anigota which is a Canon dealer for Croatia.

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The tale was that of Malena, a female stork with a broken wing, who awaits her mate Klepetan as he embarks on the 14,000 kilometer seasonal flight back from Africa -- just as he has done for the last 14 years.

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